Soooo SXSW was the DOPEST weekend ever so far (Just take a look at the photos and video after the jump)! The entire team agrees on that point. We got there a little late Friday night but got to see a bit of Curren$y’s performance at Firehouse Lounge before tearing the stage up ourselves for the Last Rights House Fire showcase! We all dipped and chopped it up with the RocksmithTokyo fellas over at Sole Fresco. Those are some of the coolest dudes on the planet. After getting laced by THE Michael David lol all of us got to the Green Label club just in time to watch Neon Indian’s set. A few toasts took place, then we walked back to the Firehouse to catch the rest of the night… On Day 2, the whole team met up and got grub at Franks. They served the BEST hotdogs ever in life. I’m a little sad, I won’t have one like that for a while… We arrived to the Light Bar in time for a Chicago-based showcase…but we ended up performing “Wolves” for the crowd before taking off to Complete Boutique to witness 3rdID clothing celebrating their fresh new line. They were nice enough to lace us up as well and got a fire interview in. We ended the night by tearing the stage up once more at Firehouse Lounge! All in all, it was a GREAT first year SXSW experience and we can’t wait to do it all again next year! Yall keep an eye out for Supreme Street cus we’re doing BIG THINGS!!!!

big homie Law with the Burgundy mixtape…think he could see the future thru it lol

Rocksmith popup shop in Sole Fresco

Performing @ Lights Bar

choppin it up with homie from RocksmithTokyo

Franks! w/ StreetKidd x MartyMcfly

before the interview @ Complete Boutique

browsing @ Sole Fresco

The beginning of our set Saturday, March 20th @ Firehouse Lounge. A little technical difficulties but it went on fine. Enjoy “Fleur De Lis”!


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