So our DJ spun @ the last Electronic Takeover Saturday evening and it was phenomenal! The crowd came alive as soon as his first track dropped, and the energy continued to rise! Shout out to Max, Chris, & Dan (he was also the photographer for the night). Check out the Deftjams Blog for dope music and more exciting photographs!



It’s been awhile since the last post, but we’re BACK! Hope yall been enjoying the Burgundy Mixtape and are passing it along to your friends too. We’ve got a lot instore for yall and we hope to accomplish a lot in this year! We’ll be working on a video to put out very soon. Gonna be recording more singles to release to yall soon cus we know yall been asking to hear some more music from us…its coming! SupremeStreet is putting some big events together so keep your eyes open for all that! If anyone has booking inquiries just shoot an email over to supremestreet@gmail.com

If you haven’t already, download the Burgundy Mixtape presented by SupremeStreet X Cracktracks out NOW!

Peace & Love yall!