Aquaforce is performing LIVE once again opening up for big New Orleans electro DJs furthering this new movement!

SWISS CHRISS (Electro/House/Dub)
DJ LEMONHEAD (Electro/Hiphop/House)
AQUAFORCE (Hiphop/Electro/Jazz)

TRAFFIC BOUTIQUE will be in the building selling some dope streetwear apparel as well!

It’s all going down at:
8200 Willow St
New Orleans, LA

Show is for 9PM | $5 at the door

This night will be a magnificent mashup of music genres!
Come out and get your drink on while you experience the new movement! You DON’T wanna miss this!

RSVP on the FB page if you’re coming out!


We’re gonna be on the upcoming Loyola Hip-Hop Mixtape by DJ CoolHands

DJ CoolHands, a fire DJ out of Cali who now resides in New Orleans, is putting out a mixtape featuring Hip-Hop artists who attend Loyola. It’s going to be the first of many in the upcoming years. The lineup on this project is only the BEST of the BEST from this campus, and we’re honored to be on it! It should be out very very soon! The Pre-Release is sounding DOPE!

Cookin up HEAT!

Sry for the quality….gonna have the Flip next time!

Sry about the sound, but we couldn’t let that full track be heard justttttt yet! But just showing the fam in the building!

A tiny PREVIEW of whats coming soon…

A little one from when we were all coolin one evening going through some songs.

“Charles X” and “Pinball” LIVE 11-12-09

Yea if you missed our show or just want to relive it, peep those videos! Everyone had hella fun including us. If you weren’t able to make it we’re working on more right now. Big shout out to @Trafficboutique @cracktracks @supremestreet please follow on Twitter you won’t regret it. Also, shout out to @ashlee_nicole for uploading the videos. If you don’t wanna get out of the loop and for info on what’s going on in the city she’s the one to check out HERE! You won’t be let down!

“Rebel” LIVE! 11-12-09


To everyone who came out to our live debut, from the bottom of our hearts thank you! It was such a success and we had so much fun vibing with yall. For everyone who signed up on our email list, we’ll be reaching out to you soon. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming shows, new tracks, and other news. We’re gonna be recording later this week and will be posting new tracks soon after that! We’re also working on more DOPE shows! You can now follow us on Twitter @AQUAFORCEMUSIC (some other great people to follow are @SUPREMESTREET @TRAFFICBOUTIQUE @FLOOPYHEAD) as well as join our FB group and add our Myspace page.

Also, Ashlee Nicole, a popular socialite who always knows what’s poppin in the city wrote a dope review of our debut show! She even uploaded a few pics! Click Here to check it out!

Aquaforce featured on music blog!

Yoooo so we’re getting love from around the country already! Homie hit CHRLS XVR up last night for an interview and info to put up on his music blog! Ya’ll check it out and don’t forget to visit our MySpace page with new tracks up and join our Facebook Group! Also, our live debut will be next Thursday November 12th @ the Dragons Den so come out and support real HipHop!

Peace & Love