So, first and foremost THANK YOU to all who have supported us so far and will continue to show love. A few things have changed recently and we chose to no longer be under any official mgmt for the timebeing. Don’t get it twisted though we love EVERYbody we were working with an pray their paths will be blessed. It was just time for us to learn how to do certain things on our own. If you hear anything opposite then it probly didn’t come from us and probly isn’t true. We’ve already got plans for new music, new beats, offers for shows (in town and out), and some studios ready to book us. In other words everything is still moving full steam! So yeah we’re not breaking up or quitting and nobodys bitter at all. Details will be given very soon, but for now we’re gonna take some quiet time to put it all together so that we can present a fine-tuned project to the world!

As we’re in the process of rebuilding and planning the blueprint for our near future, one of the changes will be a brand new blog page to visit. It’ll be launched verrryyyy soon!!!

May the Force be with you,
Charles X.


Upcoming shows!

Here’s a few of our upcoming shows:

Aug. 28th – The Loft in ATL w/ Chip Tha Ripper

Sept. 4th – New Orleans w/ El Williams

Nov. 2nd – HOB New Orleans w/ Wiz Khalifa

Come out and support the movement! More info on tickets and whatnot coming soon.

May the Force be with you,
Charles X

Plane Jane | The Untouchables

Our sisters Plane Jane dropped their debut EP today and its REAL. Much love to Bzybee X December! They’ve supported us thru everything so far and I’m more than glad to be supporting them. Make sure to download the EP here and pass it around to everyone you know!

May the Force be with you,
Charles X

Burrday Show!

Now this one will be a lot different than most ppl following us are used to, but we’re performing this Saturday, July 31st at The Bar in Metairie for 2 of our closest homies’ burrday show! P33N and Mike the Warrior are throwing a huge bash and wanted us to be a part of the madness. We can’t wait because not only are these some of our most loyal friends, but all of our musical roots go to heavy rock as well. I bet that’s something most of ya’ll didn’t know huh!

May the Force be with you,
Charles X

Little Rock!

This Friday, July 30th we’ll be hitting up The Village in Little Rock, Arkansas to perform with another New Orleans native, Curren$y. We’re stoked to be on this bill. This is another one for all the haters who tried to stop the independent Supreme Street movement! POW!

For more info on the show and tix go to

May the Force be with you,
Charles X

Gift Raps Tour

As some of you may already know, we got added to the tail end of the Gift Raps tour with Chip Tha Ripper! Annnnd we’re stoked! lol. We’ll be performing on the tour during the Texas dates August 6-8. If you’re out in those cities, you should come out and show love! The whole Supreme Street fam is gonna be out there with us, so you already know whats going down. S/o to Chip and his ppl for showing us love.

May the Force be with you,
Charles X


Make sure ya’ll download the new Kashflow EP iKash that drops TODAY! Link provided after the jump.

Download the EP HERE!!

This is the video for “Fly Like Me”

May the Force be with you…
-Charles X